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Outbound Notifications

With Aumtech Outbound Notifications, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction are major benefits for your organization by reaching a customer in a timely manner before they have to call. Such proactive interactive personalized communication can reach the customer on multiple media channels regarding timely important emergency alerts, instructions, status notifications, updates, or other information that is meaningful to that customer in contrast to the impersonal, intrusive, or annoying automated robot calls of the past. By anticipating a customer’s needs, Outbound Notifications can potentially create interest in specialized marketing offers that might fit that customer’s needs. Speech enabled interactive voice response, text, or email messages can be personalized at the individual or group level. When personal assistance is required an agent can be added to the call without delay. Such a personalized customer solution can push thousands of notifications per minute, with speed and reliability to increase customer satisfaction, recognition and brand loyalty.

Aumtech has partnered with several major airlines from reservations through departure to enhance travel experience and reduce costs .