Visual IVR solution

Get rid of out-dated and annoying voice menus of the past. With Aumtech’s Visual IVR solution, you will transform your mobile customer service experience and improve your customer satisfaction while reducing call volumes and the related costs. By allowing your business to make use of smart phones and the many media platforms that your customers use to communicate every day, you can create efficient customized smart visual menus to address your customer’s needs by allowing them to access informative videos and open PDF files in order to find answers.

Using a highly secure cloud-based system, customers will be able to click before making a call to receive a text that will allow direct access to information and support. After-hours options can reduce waiting times to just a few clicks. Even when using a live agent, customers will not need to go through long waits and frustrating voice menus when they can simply click and be connected. Consumers will be able connect as much as 90% faster to the right customer service agent reducing time and cost.

With a highly secure cloud based system, Aumtech is experienced with specific security and compliance requirements. Companies can create and make changes to their customized mobile app easily and at any time with a rich form editor which can be published instantly to all their customers. Aumtech Visual IVR smart menus are configured independently of your existing voice menu system. The Visual IVR system increases automation rates and reduces misdirected calls improving your Net Promoter Score.