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Speech Analytics

Is your company beginning to explore investing in Speech, but finding that the startup costs are either not in the budget or higher than expected?   This is not surprising and, several of our clients have asked us to help them start using Speech Analytics with a lower upfront expense, and lower ongoing costs…

The Aumtech Speech Analytics has a starting investment of ONE FIFTH of the market leaders, and the ongoing  costs are also lower.  Aumtech will guarantee that the transcription accuracy is significantly greater than the leading vendors.  How is that possible?  The leaders have good products, but their transcription accuracy is low, with averages just 65-75%, with a peak of under 85%.  Aumtech’s transcription accuracy averages over 85%, and peaks at over 95%–which not only makes the transcripts easier to read, BUT it also means that the analytics are based upon much more accurate data!

Examples of usage of the Aumtech Speech Analytics are:

Transcription,  Analysis,  Hiring, Training, Performance Evaluations,  Customer Feedback and Problem resolution.