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MRCP Connector for MSS

Aumtech MRCP Connector

The ability to capitalize on the value of the Microsoft Speech Recognition Services in Microsoft’s OCS was formerly available only to developers using Microsoft’s Operating Systems. Through Aumtech’s “MRCP Connector”, Companies running on non-Microsoft platforms can also access the cost-effective Speech Recognition and TTS products.

The Aumtech MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) Connector for the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server (OCS) provides an open, standards-based access to Speech Recognition and TTS (Text-to-Speech) functions of the OCS. Since the MRCP Connector is based on the WC3 Forum’s open standard MRCP, applications running on open platforms such as Linux can access the Speech Recognition and TTS functions of the OCS. Thus, the MRCP Connector allows companies to build their speech-driven applications using the most optimal speech recognition and TTS engines for their business needs, rather than being constrained by the choices available for their underlying operating system.