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Outbound Notifications

The Aumtech Outbound Platform supports Email, SMS/Text and Voice/IVR. SMS/Text is supported one-way and two-way. Bridge/transfer to agent for Voice/IVR call are supported. Current customers are used in the areas of healthcare, retail, airlines, financial etc. The Applications include appointment reminder, refill reminder, Fraud notification, flight delay/change etc. Both premise and hosted solution available.
Web based Reporting – CDR to Executive reporting and customizable as required

Other features are:
  • Customizable Outbound Platform that can be “Managed and Monitored” from a Web Based Portal (Including Mobile)
  • Dialing Rules – Customizes how a call is presented to a caller and how a campaign is governed.
  • Scrubbing Rules – With in a campaign records are scrubbed based on invalid data, duplicity and DNC records.
  • Dialing Schedule – Based on Area Code, meaning 732 dials on EST, plus preset schedules for Weekdays, Weekends and holidays.
  • Campaign Startup – Several mechanisms for starting a campaign – upload a CSV, Create a File from Portal, Email, FTP etc.
  • Web based Reporting –standard reports available. Any customized report can be added as required.