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Answering the call with world-class experience and skills


Since 1988, Aumtech has specialized in providing seamless connectivity and information exchange between diverse networks and devices. From our origins as a developer of Information Services Platform (IVR) software for AT&T, we have evolved into a leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems provider for large enterprises and global carriers, including customers such as JetBlue Airways, CenturyLink and Movius Interactive Corporation. Aumtech is also an NMSDC-Certified MBE, with Certification # NY03792.

Our products and services answer the need for accurate and efficient automated information exchange which will elevate your end-users’
experiences, while enhancing the customer relationship.

Aumtech’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions are actively deployed on 6 continents, on the VoiceXML- based Carrier Grade Advanced Telephony Environment (CGATE) Portal. CGATE, supporting traditional ISDN ports as well as using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), is deployed in two of the largest IVR installations in North America and Europe.

By deploying the CGATE Portal and turnkey applications such as Aumtech’s Enhanced Self-Service (ESS) Application Suite, carriers and enterprises can customize ASR-enabled systems and rapidly deploy them in a reliable and scalable environment. CGATE is compatible with carrier-grade PSTN environments, and networks running Voice over IP (VoIP), while also being available in cloud-based, as well as on-site, installations.


We hear you


If there’s one universal among businesses, it’s the need for providers that understand – and respond to – business needs. Aumtech listens to all stakeholders and delivers a total solution to that supports strategic goals. Our solutions tie together existing databases and infrastructures to maximize your in-house systems, while our open, standards-based technology protects your investment from obsolescence. And through our internal R&D, as well as client and vendor partnering, we continuously advance our solutions and underlying architecture.

With more than a decade of speech solutions development and deployment, we have a track record of success. We provide automated systems for four of the top 10 U.S. airlines ranked highest in customer satisfaction.

We consult with you to understand your business and work with you to help clarify and define requirements. Then we engage our skills and expertise to deliver. To realize competitive advantages, you need partners on the same page. That’s answering the call. That’s Aumtech.